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Pioneer Valley Railroad

The Pioneer Valley Railroad (PVRR) was formed in 1982 and serves industries, warehouse operations, and transload facilities in the cities of Westfield and Holyoke, MA via a CSX interchange in Westfield and a PAS interchange in Holyoke.

To allow the many New England industries that do not have direct rail access to take advantage of the railroad’s services, the PVRR offers various transloading-storage-truck delivery programs for a variety of bulk and manufactured commodities. The PVRR enjoys a unique partnership with its sister company, Railroad Distribution Services, which provides a wide range of warehousing, logistics and transload services.

All rules and charges for accessorial, demurrage, and switching services for the Pioneer Valley Railroad are in a combined tariff. Effective November 1, 2020, PVRR-8000-H cancels and replaces Freight Tariff PVRR-8000-G.


Warehousing and Storage (RDS)

Railroad Distribution Services (RDS) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Pinsly Railroad Company and functions as a full-service warehouse, reload and distribution center.

Our two locations have the ability to unload center beam flatcars, bulkhead flatcars, boxcars, hopper cars and flatbed or van trailers. The facilities are fenced and lighted. All staff and equipment operators are experienced in the warehousing and distribution of dimension lumber, wallboard, plywood, OSB, various other panel products, dry bulk material, palletized products, and other specialized products.

RDS offers fully computerized inventory control, customized reports, balancing, picking and sorting, as well as customer service support and logistics. In addition to managing all the storage and inventory requirements, RDS also provides flatbed and dry van trucking services to complete reload program for our customers.

Key Warehouse Resources

  • Combined 200k sq ft
  • 4 Acres Outside Storage
  • 14 Docks
  • 12 Railcar Spots
  • Hyster - lifts 36K lbs.
  • 2 Hoists - lifts 30K lbs.
  • 3 Hysters lifts 12K lbs.
  • Pallet Inverter
  • Block Lift Attachment
  • Paper Clamp - 72" diameter
  • Stretch Wrap Machine
  • Crane - 45-ton Capacity.
  • C-Hook - Lifts 30K lbs.
  • Front End Loader
  • Mack Truck
  • 53 Foot Flatbed


The PVRR operates transloading facilities that distribute throughout New England. Transloading allows our customers to enjoy the benefits of rail transportation without a rail siding at their door, or at the door of the customer they serve. Included in our transloading capabilities are cross-dock services, rail-served warehouses, and direct rail-to-truck transload of a multitude of bulk and manufactured products. Our two primary locations include over 4 acres of outside storage, access to 200K sq ft of warehouse space, a 45-ton capacity crane, and a variety of Hysters with capacities of 36,000 lbs.

Logistics and Brokerage

RDS ships anywhere within 500 miles with 24 hours’ notice. Your on-site inventory can service Just In Time inventory solutions to customers throughout the Northeast. Let us handle your final mile by truck, while you also reap the benefits of rail transit from origin to New England. We will also work to coordinate with your carrier for prompt pickup and delivery. With average load times under 30 minutes by appointment, carrier efficiency is a priority, helping to ensure timely delivery to your customer.

Industrial Development

Are you looking to build or expand a rail-served facility? Interested in finding a property with rail access? We are pleased to lend our expertise and extensive experience. Let us know how we can provide you with confidential project guidance and design solutions.

There is land ripe for development along our tracks. In addition to PVRR’s own properties, we can introduce you to local landowners and commercial real estate agents that will help you find the ideal location for your next facility. Industrial properties on PVRR provide access to two Class I carriers resulting in cost-saving rail transportation into the New England market.