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About Us

Pinsly Railroad Company

Through its operating subsidiaries of Pioneer Valley Railroad (PVRR) and Railroad Distribution Services (RDS), Pinsly Railroad provides service to direct-rail customers and non-rail served accounts via transload.  PVRR and RDS handle products for major industries such as Lowes, NGL Energy, Nucor Metals and Packaging Corporation of America.

Consistent quality service is the standard for all customers, whether it is direct rail, warehousing, or transloading. Proof of our exemplary service is found in the variety of awards we have received, including the Coca-Cola Partnership Award, the CSX Partnership Award, Modern Railroad’s Marketing Achievement Award in the Golden Freight Car Competition, the ASLRRA Marketing Award, Railway Age’s Short Line of the Year, the CSX Industrial Development Award, and Lowe’s Gold Carrier Award.

Pinsly Leadership

Pinsly Railroad Company is led by a highly experienced team of railroad professionals. CEO John Levine has been in the railroad industry since 1974 and has successfully guided Pinsly through strategic changes and market shifts. Pinsly’s leadership team has over 150 years of railroading experience between them including various Class I, short line, and industry tenure. Our operations are supported at headquarters by experts in their respective fields. This combined team is one of the best in the short line industry.

Pinsly management remains active in government affairs and has successfully secured federal and state financial assistance for track rehabilitation and track relocation projects benefiting our rail operations, specific customers, and the communities we serve.

Pinsly History

Samuel PinslyPinsly Railroad Company is one of the oldest short line railroad companies in the United States. It was founded in 1938 when Samuel M. Pinsly purchased and rehabilitated the hurricane damaged Hoosac Tunnel and Wilmington Railroad in Massachusetts and Vermont, which was threatened with abandonment.

Pinsly remains today a company focused on acquiring short line railroads and revitalizing branch and feeder lines of Class I and regional carriers. Pinsly has achieved steady growth by maintaining a focus on the needs of its customers and by developing strong partnerships with its connecting carriers.


Samuel M. Pinsly purchases the Hoosac Tunnel and Wilmington Railroad, fondly known as the Hoot, Toot and Whistle. Pinsly Railroad established with headquarters in Boston.

1930s – 1970s

Pinsly acquires abandoned lines from larger railroads and bankrupt regional carriers. Railroad industry struggling under government regulation. A number of major railroads are in bankruptcy and smaller carriers are struggling as well.


Staggers Act deregulates railroads. Class I Railroads begin to create short line opportunities.


Pinsly acquires Pioneer Valley Railroad.


Pinsly creates Railroad Distribution Services with first location in Massachusetts.


Pinsly creates Railroad Distribution Services with second location in Massachusetts.


Pinsly corporate headquarters moves to Westfield, Massachusetts. Pinsly acquires Florida Central Railroad.


Pinsly acquires the Florida Midland Railroad and Florida Northern Railroad and establishes Railroad Distribution Services in Florida.


Florida Central Railroad acquires Orlando Subdivision from CSX.


Pinsly acquires Arkansas Midland Railroad and steadily expands.


Florida Northern Railroad acquires West Coast Subdivision from CSX.


Pinsly divests its Arkansas region.


Pinsly divests its Florida region.

Pinsly Safety

Operation Lifesaver

Pinsly Railroad Company believes that every accident and injury is preventable, and that Pinsly is capable of operating free of accidents and injuries. We will achieve this through:

  • A culture that makes the safety of our employees, customers, and communities our highest priority, sets rigorous standards for safety excellence, and is open to vigorous self-assessment of our progress and effectiveness;
  • A work environment where all known hazards will be eliminated or safeguarded and where employees expect to be safe and accident free;
  • Training and education for all employees that make safe production the core of every task we perform;
  • A workforce made up of people who take responsibility for their personal safety and the safety of their fellow employees and the communities they serve; and
  • Shared values that emphasize equal respect and opportunity for all employees