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Real Estate

Any access or construction activities on Pinsly Railroad Company and its subsidiary properties for any reason must be approved in advance by the Pinsly Railroad Company, in writing. Written permission is secured through a Temporary Entry Permit or License Agreement. 

In any scenario, Pinsly Railroad Company offers land and track leasing options to support our customers’ activities. Some of the land and track assets under our control are not essential for everyday rail operations and, as a result, could be leased out for a variety of uses.

For all other requests, see below or reach out to Pinsly Railroad Company’s real estate representative at

Completed applications can be emailed to and fees can be submitted via ACH or overnighted to:

Pinsly Railroad Company
Attn. Permitting
245 Riverside Ave., Suite 250
Jacksonville, FL 32202

Right of Entry Application

For temporary access, non-permanent encroachments, or 3rd party access during construction projects, Pinsly Railroad Company requires a right of entry agreement.

Wireline Application

A wire line agreement is needed for overhead or buried wire lines, including fiber lines.  Utilize the wireline application to start the agreement process.

Pipeline Application

Regardless of the commodity in the pipeline, a pipeline agreement will be required to cross railroad property.

Land Lease Application

Use the land lease application for projects that involve surface rights or mixed-use (Example: Driveways, parking, signboards, cell towers, buildings or structures, beautification.

Industry Track Application

To connect your industry-owned track to a railroad within Gulf & Atlantic, LLC’s network, utilize this application to begin the process.

Grade Crossing Application

For new or upgraded public, private, vehicular or pedestrian crossings, you will need to submit a formal request by completing this application.

Track Lease Application

Pinsly Railroad Company may have some track near your industry that can be leased to expand or enhance your rail service.  Speak with your local commercial representative prior to completing the application to ensure your needs are met.

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