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Grenada Railroad

Serving over 228 miles in North Central Mississippi

The Grenada Railroad LLC (GRYR) operates 228 miles of track, running north/south along the I-55 corridor between Canton, MS and Memphis, TN. GRYR is strategically positioned, with access to six Class I carriers: Canadian National (CN), Union Pacific (UP), Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF), Norfolk Southern (NS), Kansas City Southern (KCS) and CSX Transportation (CSX).

Grenada offers daily interchanges, a fleet of centerbeams and boxcars, fast turn-times, and a capacity of 2,200 storage spots. GRYR’s dedicated management and work force offers the timely and flexible service demanded by today’s fast paced supply chains, while offering the inherent economies of scale shipping by rail provides.

Grenada train in motion

Grenada Railroad Map

Memphis, TN
Canton, MS
Grenada train cargo

Grenada Railroad combines the connectivity of larger railroads with the personalized service of a short line, and it’s geographic location is ideal for railcar storage.

Class I Connections
Memphis, TN – CN, NS, BNSF, UP, and CSX
Canton, MS – CN

Rail Fleet
Centerbeam Flats, 50ft Boxcars, and 60ft Boxcars

Service Frequency
5 days per week

Top Commodities
Paper, Lumber, Chemicals, Flours, Petroleum, Plastics, and Railroad Ties


The line, which was targeted for abandonment by its previous owners in 2011, supports 11,174 jobs, $1.3 billion in gross product and $1 billion in personal income, according to a study commissioned by the Mississippi Development Authority and the Mississippi Department of Transportation. The State of Mississippi leased the line to Gulf & Atlantic Railways, LLC in August 2018.

In September 2021, Grenada completed a multi-year rehabilitation project to upgrade the entire track to Class III (40 MPH) operating standards and a 286,000 lbs. gross weight on rail (GWR) capacity. The project was supported with a $7.54 million Infrastructure for Rebuilding America (“INFRA”) Grant, a $4 Million loan from the state of Mississippi, a $6.22M Consolidated Rail Infrastructure and Safety Improvement (“CRISI”) Grant, along with Gulf & Atlantic Railways, LLC investing the required matching funds and incremental capital.

Safety is of course the most important part of any rail operation and we pride ourselves on setting the standard for safety and performance.

Grenada train in motion

Grenada Services

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The Grenada Railroad LLC (GRYR) serves North Central Mississippi and operates 228 miles of track along the I-55 corridor between Canton, MS and Memphis, TN.

GRYR directly interchanges with CN at Memphis TN and Canton MS. The railroad is open to switch to UP, BNSF, CSX, and NS in Memphis, and has a connection to KCS via CN over Jackson MS. The Grenada Railroad offers service seven days per week across the line and provides service to 13 customer locations. The railroad has a fleet of 50ft and 60 ft box cars as well as center-beam flat cars.

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With six Class 1 connections and capacity for 2,200 railcars, Grenada Railroad is a premier railcar storage location. Grenada has ample track space available for short-term or long-term storage of railcars including unit trains. Grenada RR can receive storage cars at Memphis, TN or Canton, MS which can help reduce out of route miles. Grenada Railroad can also offer a space guarantee to help ensure that you have storage space available at any time.

Interchange Locations:
Memphis, Tennessee – CN and NS, BNSF, UP & CSX via CN switch
Jackson, Mississippi – CN and KCS via CN
Service Frequency: up to 7 days per Week
Capacity: 2,200 Railcars

  • 24 hour “Release to Interchange”
  • Secure Storage Spaces Available

Storage Contact
Cassie Dull
Chief Commercial Officer

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Grenada Railroad (GRYR) has multiple transloading locations available along the line to help your company take advantage of the economics of rail.

Transloading is the act of moving a product between transportation modes, from railcars to truck for instance. This service allows companies without direct rail service at their facility to still ship and receive products by rail.

To find the best location for your needs, please contact Jared Sleeth or check out our listings under “Locations”.

Transload Contact
Jared Sleeth
(504) 421-5903

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Available along the railroad are over 2,500 acres of certified industrial sites and over 4,000 additional acres of developable property all located close to the interstate highway system.

Please contact Jared Sleeth to find the best sites for your needs.

Industrial Development Contact:
Jared Sleeth
(504) 421-5903

Economic Development Partners:

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For questions about the tariff, contact:

Cassie Dull
Chief Commercial Officer


Operating Office
Grenada Railroad, LLC
643 First Street
Grenada, MS 38901

Phone: (662) 226-8364
Fax: (662) 307-9024

Business Office
Pinsly Railroad Company
245 Riverside Ave., Suite 250
Jacksonville, FL 32202 

Phone: (561) 448-2050
Fax: (561) 291-0288

General Manager
Trevor Costilow
(662) 699-9525

Industrial Development 
Jared Sleeth
(504) 421-5903

Sales & Marketing
Jared Sleeth
(504) 421-5903

Railcar Storage
Cassie Dull