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Our railroads

Pioneer Valley Railroad

Serves industries, warehouse operations, and transload facilities in the cities of Westfield and Holyoke, MA

The 18-mile Pioneer Valley Railroad (PVRR) runs from Westfield, Massachusetts to Holyoke, Massachusetts with interline access to two railroads – CSX and Pan Am Southern, and, together with RDS, serves more than 30 diversified customers. RDS operates two rail-served warehouses with 140,000 square feet of indoor storage and 3.5 acres of outdoor storage.

The PVRR enjoys a unique partnership with its sister company, Railroad Distribution Services, which provides a wide range of warehousing, logistics and transload services.

Pioneer Valley Services

Warehousing and Storage Expand to Read More

Railroad Distribution Services (RDS) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Pinsly Railroad Company. It is a full-service warehouse, reload and distribution center with two locations on the Pioneer Valley Railroad. We have resources to unload center beam flatcars, bulkhead flatcars, coil gons, boxcars, hopper cars, and flatbed or van trailers.

Both sites are secured with fencing and lighting which allows for safe and efficient operations no matter the time of day. Included at one facility is a 24-hour guard service.

All staff and equipment operators are experienced in the handling and warehousing of dimension lumber, wallboard, plywood, OSB, various other panel products, dry bulk material, palletized products, and other specialized products.

RDS offers fully computerized inventory control, customized reports, balancing, picking and sorting, as well as customer service support and logistics. In addition to managing all the storage and inventory requirements, RDS also provides flatbed and dry van trucking services. RDS typically delivers anywhere in New England with only a 24 hour notice.

Key Warehouse ResourcesCombined 200k sq ft

  • 4 Acres Outside Storage
  • 14 Docks
  • 24 Railcar Spots
  • Hyster – lifts 36K lbs.
  • 2 Hoists – lifts 30K lbs.
  • 3 Hysters lifts 12K lbs.
  • Pallet Inverter
  • Block Lift Attachment
  • Paper Clamp – 60″ diameter
  • Stretch Wrap Machine
  • 45 ton Crane – 50K lbs.
  • C-Hook – Lifts 30K lbs.
  • Front End Loader
  • Mack Truck
  • 53 Foot Flatbed

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The PVRR serves multiple transload locations and has land available to establish new operations. Although direct rail-to-truck transloading is a core competency, we also provide cross-dock services and access to rail-served warehouses. RDS’s two locations include over 4 acres of outside storage, access to 200K sq ft of warehouse space, a 50K lb. capacity crane, a variety of Hysters, and specialized equipment. PVRR also serves 3rd party warehouses with extensive resources of their own. Transload locations exist in both Westfield and Holyoke.

Logistics and Brokerage Expand to Read More

An essential service enjoyed by many RDS accounts is truck brokerage to locations anywhere within500 miles. RDS routinely makes such deliveries with only a 24 hour notice. We will also coordinate with your carrier to provide the same prompt pickup and delivery. With average load times under 30 minutes by appointment, carrier efficiency is a priority, helping to ensure timely delivery to your customer.

Industrial Development Expand to Read More

Pioneer Valley Railroad owns multiple parcels adjacent to our track. We have researched and documented a host of others. We can introduce you to local landowners and commercial real estate agents that will help you find the ideal location for your next facility. Industrial properties on PVRR are conveniently located minutes from two major interstates while also providing access to two Class I carriers resulting in cost-saving rail transportation into the New England market.