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Grenada Railroad completes two major infrastructure improvement projects

RailUSA and its Mississippi-based Grenada Railroad (GRYR) are excited to announce the completion of two major infrastructure improvement projects.

These projects were made possible through successful partnerships with the US Department of Transportation (USDOT), the Mississippi Development Authority (MDA), and the North Central Mississippi Regional Railroad Authority (NCMRRA).

Mainline Upgrades – Pope, MS to Hernando, MS

Grenada Railroad completed upgrades along 45 miles of mainline track which will improve track speeds by removing numerous slow orders. The track work included installing 4,265 ties and 12,250 anchors.

Aberdeen Siding & Bridge – Durant, MS

A new 5,900 ft siding was constructed along the Grenada Railroad’s mainline and a rail bridge was completely rebuilt. The new siding increases storage capacity and service options – the new siding boasts a 90-car capacity.

“Grenada Railroad is a strategic rail car storage provider with access to six Class I carriers between our two interchanges. This new 90-car capacity siding offers our customers additional storage options with superior Class I connectivity.”

Cassie Dull, Chief Commercial Officer, RailUSA
Photo of the new Aberdeen Siding nearing completion in Durant, MS.
The new Aberdeen Siding near completion in Durant, MS
Trevor Costilow, General Manager of GRYR, stands alongside the newly completed Aberdeen Bridge.
Trevor Costilow, General Manager of GRYR, shows off the newly completed Aberdeen Bridge